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What I did in the holidays by Zara

What I did in the holidays by Zara

      What I  did in the holidays        

On the holidays I went to Subway and  I had a tuna ,cheese,and mayo  sandwiches and for pudding I had a rainbow cookie it was yummy  for my drink I had fanta. The next day we had Jason down and when I was sad he made me laugh we went to Asda and I got a wolf teddy with lovely cute big eyes.


The night when Jason stayed

When Jason stayed we all watched dvds I didnt  go to sleep then Jason scared me with cutie eyes I jumped  and we  laughed softly  he started to stroke my head so I could  go to sleep it really tikled  but I didnt  mind I cackled even softer  so I fell asleep I ended up down the cushun.